About The Project

Bingo Token has been minted on the Binace Chain as a BEP8 token with a maximum supply of One Million.

Play to Earn

Bingo Token will be distributed on bingochain.io as a reward for playing Bingo. Users will not have to bet any money and are able to win real money and Bingo Tokens. Token distribution will follow a similar pattern to the bitcoin halving strategy as the number of coins rewarded will be halved every time the number of distributed coins hit 50% of the previous halving supply.

Initial Distribution

  • 15% of the Bingo Token total supply have been be distributed to the Developers and Owners of the Project.
  • 20% of the Bingo Token total supply will be made available to early investors. Contact us if you are interested in investing
  • 65% of the Bingo Token total supply will be distributed through bingochain.io.

BingoChain Distribution

The token distribution on bingochain.io will be as follows:

Regular Game (Caller Game)

  • To each Player: 1 Bingo Token for every card a player plays in the game. Players will be able to play additional cards per game by inviting friends to join.
  • To the Caller: 1 Bingo Token for every player that plays in the game.
  • To the Winner: 1 Bingo Token for every player that plays in the game.

Solo Game (Earn up to 3 BingoTokens)

  • Always earn one BingoToken for completing a game.
  • Earn another BingoToken for completing a game before last ball is drawn.
  • Earn another BingoToken for completing a game within 3 seconds of your last required ball being drawn (before the next ball is drawn)

Once 50% of the total supply has been distributed (0.5M of 1 Million) the distribution will halve and half a token will be rewarded instead of the one above.

Once 75% of the total supply has been distributed (0.75M of 1 Million) the distribution will halve again and a quarter token will be rewarded.

BingoToken Features

Steps to earn a token reward

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  • 01. Registration on bingochain.io

    Register now to start participating
    in the new disruptive Bingo craze.

  • 02. Join a Game

    Join any scheduled game. You will receive one bingo card and can
    increase the number of available cards by inviting friends to play.
    You receive an additional card for every invited user that joins.
    There will be a maximum number of cards per game, but
    you can use remaining cards in subsequent games.

  • 03. Play the Game

    Simply by participating in a Game you will receive
    a Bingo Token for each and every card you play.

  • 04. Win the Game

    If you win the game, you receive additional tokens for every other
    player in the game. You could win thousands of tokens and if
    the Caller placed real money on the game, you win that as well!

  • 05. Call a Game

    If you are a Bingo Caller, sign up as a Caller and you will be
    rewarded for every player that participates in the game.
    Invite your own players and make a real money prize
    available to boost the number of participants.

  • 06. Receiving Tokens

    Bingo Tokens will be distributed to your BingoChain account on completion
    of every game and you can withdraw tokens when you have a minimum
    of 100 tokens. Withdrawals will be processed through
    the Binance Chain to a BEP2 Compatible Wallet.

  • 2020


    (Covid closes Bingo
    halls wordwide)

    Start Streaming
    Bingo Games

    (October - December)

  • 2021


    Proof of Concept




    First Game Completed
    on BingoChain


    on Feedback



    Launch Token
    on Launchpad


    Upgrade Token
    on Binance DEX

    Q2 - Q4

    List Token on
    other Exchanges

Investor Tokens

Investor Distribution
of Total Supply

Bingo Tokens are here!
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Distribution of Tokens

Distribution of Tokens


Reserved for the team


For early investors


To Be Distributed on BingoChain

BingoChain Reward Halving

Up to 50%

1 Reward Token per Bingo Card played

Up to 75%

0.5 Reward Tokens per Bingo Card played

Every Halving

Half of the previous reward distributed